The New Greek Mythology

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Here is where you can finally make a character! I will enable rich text comments, but please don't submit a form in crazy colors and weird sizes.

I need your submission in paragraph form. Paragraph form, capiche? Okay, let's move on.

Next, I need all of these elements included in your paragraph:

  1. Name (Ex: Sara Moon, Arcturus Blange)
  2. Gender (Ex: Male)
  3. Age (11-20) (Ex: 13)
  4. Are you a creature, god, or camper? You may also be a demigod on the run.
  5. If you are a camper, what cabin are you in and what is your rank?
  6. Description (hair color, figure size, etc.)
  7. Personality (Outgoing, fun, bubbly, shy, monotone, etc.)
  8. If you are a demigod on the run, do you know who your parent is? If so, please tell.
  9. History (This is completely optional. This is a runthrough of your character's past)
  10. Picture: I do need a picture demigods please make it a link. I will allow realistic and anime pictures also. But if you are making a monster or some weird dryad, you do not need a picture. Instead of just a picture, you may have a "faceclaim", or a specific person/model/actor that completely encompasses your character's appearance. This way, you can roleplay with pictures/gifs as well as words!

That's all I need, so if you need help, look at the character website. There may be some descriptions there that can guide you.


Rei is a shy boy of 13 years old, and doesn't really like to talk. He has shaggy black hair that's really never combed, and a small but slim figure. What the surprise is, he's actually a child of Aphrodite. Aphrodite. That's right. But he doesn't really care. He usually doesn't.... and you may continue. The length of your description must be at least 3 sentences.


Name: Rei

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Status: Camper

The description above will not be accepted!

Ok, so that's it! And just if you don't know, you cannot make a child of Hera, Hestia, or Artemis. They are sworn virgins, so they can't have kids. Their cabins are honorary.

Please respect these rules, but most importantly, have fun!

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