The New Greek Mythology

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Character Bucket

This is where all our old characters are being stored for the time being

Cabin 1: Zeus

Andrew Hollows

Andrew Hollows is an... interesting 7 year old. He finds pleasure in making comics and killing bugs. He has a huge fear of poppets which he refuses to explain. Andrew tends to boss people around even if the person is twice his age. He can be very pursuasive, and he's not afraid to speak his mind (which gets him in trouble a lot). His godly parent is Zeus and in his comics he likes to call himself the Prince of the Skies. Andrew can also summon lightening when he gets angry so don't get on his bad side. Andrew has surprisingly neat blonde hair with big brown eyes. He always wears the same green T-shirt with the Ghost buster's logo on it, sometimes with a blue hoodie.


RPed by: Nicolette

Kaia Hans

Kaia Hans is a six year old daughter of Zeus. She has mousy brown hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin is slightly tanned. Kaia is kind, defiant, and has an attitude. She doesn't mind standing up to the older camp members. Her weapon of choice is a necklace, given to her by her father, that when unclasped, transforms into a celetial bronze dagger. She is great at knife throwing. She is not great at swordfighting, but is a great archer.

RPed by: Mila

Annabell Farrow 

Annabell is in the Zeus cabin. She has beautiful sky blue eyes and dirty blond hair just like her mothers. She isn't really a daughter of Zeus but her mother is Sheilan and her Father is Jake who are both demigods and she has her mother’s powers so she is in cabin one. Annabell is very mature for a 14 year old and will often take charge of most situations. She loves to fly and when she's mad the air will fill with electricity and whatever she touches will get an electric shock. Her weapon of choice is a spear that will contain lightning that will unleash at Annabell's command. Her mother is Sheilan(dead), her father is Jake, her sister is Cleo and her brothers are Cole and Oliver.

RPed by: Sky Wilde


Oliver Farrow

Oliver is a very intelligent boy of 13 and he lives in the Zeus cabin. He has ruffled blonde hair that falls into his eyes and olive green eyes like his father that are always framed by his black glasses. His mother is Sheilan(dead), his father Jake, his sisters Cleo and Annabell, and his brother is Cole. Oliver isn’t very social and prefers to stay in his room or in the forest practicing fighting or studying for some unknown reason. He is small for his age but don’t let that fool you for he has mastered many different forms of martial arts that include karate, kung fu, jujitsu and many more.

Rped by: Sky Wilde


Luke is a 24 year old boy with brown hair and blue eyes. His adopted sister is Karmin and he cares for her more than anything. He has a specific hatred for her boyfriend Harper. His girlfriend is Annie.

Rped by: Tabitha.jade

Penny Oldens

Penny Oldens is a quite and mysterious 17 year old daughter of Zeus. She has perfectly smooth and pale white skin and her large lips are almost the same colour as her skin. Most people avoid her and she avoids people, so it works out pretty well. When she was 15 she finally told her half sister that she was a demigod and a child of Zeus, despite her mother's protests to do so, but her sister couldn't handle the news and she went crazy and killed their mother. She tried to kill Penny as well but Penny killed her before she could get her hands on her as well. Penny was arrested for the murder of her half sister and her mother and she was in jail for one year while they tried to figure out what to do with her. At last after one year they decided to put her in the electric chair but when Penny heard this she decided to escape before they could kill her. She managed a narrow escape, using the winds to fly away once she was outside the building, then she was on the run for a couple months before finding camp Omega. A lot of people whisper rumors about her and most of them aren't true, but she doesn't bother to correct them, She doesn't really care what they think of her. if she ever speaks to anyone it's only a few words and she's always looking at new people suspiciously. She has long black hair and light brown eyes and she usually wears a brown band around her head. Her only friend is Justin in the Hephaestus cabin who just so happens to now be her boyfriend and she doesn't like to be too far away from him.

RPed by: Caine

Teagan Orne

Teagan Orne is a sixteen year old daughter of Zeus. She's pretty, with billowy dark red-brown hair and thoughtful brown eyes. She's shy, but friendly once you get to know her. She also prefers to be alone with her thoughts than socialize. Teagan used to be on the run, but joined Camp Omega after narrowly escaping from some hellhounds. She is now a loyal camper.

RPed by:  Agatha Rays

                                            Cameron Brooks

Cameron Brooks is a tall,cool daughter of Zeus at the age of 16. Cameron is a tall girl with long,straight blonde hair and usually has mascara on. She always wears too many bangles but she looks cute wearing them. She loves being outside,especially when it's snowing. Willow has been teaching her on flying and now she can out fly her counsler. She's a really cool gal and loves to listen to hip-hop and dance to it so you'll love to have her as a dance partner! Her weapon of choice are her powers and her silver ring that turns into a silver sword when she pulls it off.  She is currently single but is crushing on Andy from the Hecate cabin.

                                                                                                           rped by: alex aka silverbrook


Zac is a 16 year old son of Zeus who honestly fits then part with his light brown blond hair and electric blue eyes. The only thing that doesn’t really fit is his personality. You see Zac is a bit shy and nervous around people he doesn’t know and is a bit clumsy but give him some time to get used to you and he becomes that superman type guy that seems to have no weaknesses. His chosen weapon is a celestial bronze spear that can shift into a long range crossbow.

   Rped by: Sky Wilde

Cabin 3: Poseidon

Head Counselor: Karmin

Karmin is a 21 year old woman with short frizzy blonde hair and blue eyes. She enjoys flying her dragon, Melody, and practicing swordfighting. Her Husband is Harper and her brother is Luke. When she was younger, she was bullied constantly and had no friends. When she learned she was a demi god, she ran off, changing her appearance and personality completely before coming to camp omega.

rped by: Tabitha.jade

River Autumns


River is 18 years old and is a son of Poseidon. He is small for his age and is kind of clumsy but he has beautiful blue-green eyes and sleek black hair. He is shy around people he doesn’t really know and doesn’t like being in big groups. He is very skilled with a katana and owns one of his very own that has an ocean blue handle and a silvery-white blade that shines in the star-light. He is dating Ava from the Iris cabin and his sister is Arryn. He has a Pegasus named Kenta.

RPed by: Sky Wilde

Aurora Hawk

Aurora Hawk is a pretty thirteen year old daughter of Posiedon. Aurora has straight shoulder length light brown hair and matching eyes. She's  thin and tall. Even though Aurora is outside a lot, her skin is rarely tanned. She always wears her black jacket, a gift from her father than cannot be penatrated by swords, arrows, or bullets. Aurora is quiet, sweet, kind of shy, clever, and always inquisitive. She is an amazing swordman and always carries her own, a thin blade with a leather handle, on her. Aurora has her own personal pegasus, named Makarios, who she found when she was on the run. Being a child of Posiedon, Aurora can communicate with Makarios.

RPed by: Agatha Rays

Nettyl Spryngs

Nettyl Spryngs is 12 years old. She is female and she is a camper at Camp Omega. She is in Cabin 3. She hopes to be head councilor in later years. She has long black hair that looks like it has dreadlocks. She is very tall for her age, 6 foot 5, and her eyes are soft brown with a mischievous glint in them. She is, surprisingly, a very calm and rule-following person. She is not shy, but she is not outgoing either. In fact, there are only two things that make her slightly less normal than a mortal. One, she can talk to mice, and two, she has the most extreme A.D.H.D. of the cabin, so she is an ideal specialist in active battles. Her mother is named Europa, a traditional ancient Greek name. She got a pet mouse for her 10th birthday and she absolutely adores him. He calls himself Larksting, and she calls him La. Once, she sold a poem that she wrote in ancient Greek on a very old stone to a museum for $8,000! She had an early graduation from eighth grade, so her dad gave her a Pegasus through her mom as a present. His name is Bri.She can channel her energy through guacamole to make it spicy or mild whenever she wants.

Rped by: Nettyl Spryngs


Arryn Autumns

Arryn is 10 years old and a daughter of Poseidon and is Rivers sister. She has long black hair and has blue-grey eyes. Arryn is very out-going unlike her brother and loves to meet people but when in battle she is very aggressive and willing to do anything to win. Arryn was locked up in Hades dungeon for 8 years. She fights with a crossbow at long range and a  pair of tiger claws, is a claw-like weapon from India designed to fit over the knuckles or be concealed under and against the palm. It consists of four or five curved blades affixed to a crossbar or glove, and they are designed to slash through skin and muscle.


RPed by: Sky Wilde

Kio Dennings

Kio Dennings is a funny and sarcastic 17 year old son of Poseidon. He loves to tease people but he is never intentionally mean to someone. He hates fighting, both physical and Verbal, and the only thing that can get him really mad is when someone insults his younger brother, Miko. Miko is mute (meaning he can't talk) and Kio is usually always around him and he cares greatly for his brother. Kio can be pretty dimwitted, foolish and clueless at times and he is usually always playfully flirting with girls. He has dark red hair which is dyed (it used to be a brown colour) and slanted brown eyes, as well as large square glasses. He has disliked the children of Hermes ever since one of them stole a necklace his mother gave him before passing away and refused to give back so ever since then he has thought of the children of Hermes as no good thieves.   **Kio's name is pronounced kee-o**

RPed by: Caine

Miko Dennings

Miko Dennings is a socially Awkward and quick tempered 15 year old son of Poseidon. He is mute (meaning he can't speak) and he is usually around his older brother, Kio. Miko loves his brother but sometimes he wishes Kio didn't care about him so much, sometimes he wishes he could show his brother what it's like to not be able to speak. Miko has purple/pink hair and slanted brown eyes as well as pale smooth skin. He gets angered easily and isn't too good with people, although that might have something to do with the fact most people don't really acknowledge him, it's always just Kio, not Miko and Kio. **Miko's name is pronounced Me-ko**

RPed by: Caine

Song L. Tayls

People call her So. She is a beautiful 14 year old who is in love with one person whose name may or may not be revealed. Her hair is curly blond. Her eyes are green. She was an awesome demigod on the run until she found camp and joined Posieden's. Everyone likes her. Her mother's name is Sandrea. Her favorite animal is a horse named Sparks. She's a bubbly, sarcastic, funny teen. Her mind is bright. Her legs are quick. Her smile is dazzling. She is Song L. Tayls. The legend.

Rped by: Song L. Tayls

                                            Ryland Richardson 

Ryland is a 17 year old, social son of Poseidon with a good attitude. Ryland is a funny and a social 16 year old who is cute to most girls with his handsome brown eyes and neat,blond hair that is sometimes in a comb over. He likes to hang out with his siblings in Cabin 3 and knows how to really control his power over water. You most often see him fighting with his powers or his sword. He sometimes likes to pull pranks on him so if you make him mad,you might find your shower going against you! He also has a crush on Victoria from Cabin 15.

                                                    rped by: alex aka silverbrook                                                                   

Vincent Bane

Vincent is an outgoing, daring, and big hearted 16 year old son of Poseidon. He is very crazy, often charging head first into problems instead of actually thinking it through first, but usually comes out on top so it all works out in the end. He is very smart when it comes to school, especially math, though would never brag about any of this. He enjoys pulling pranks, though never alone and will convince somebody else to join in with him, even if they don't want to. He doesn't put all the blame on them, but he makes sure he doesn't go down alone! Vincent has one of the biggest hearts you've ever seen, never even thinking about killing anything without making sure it's neccassary. Unlike a lot of people, instead of squashing the bugs that fly inside, he puts them back outside again. This doesn't make him any less dangerous though. If you mess with him or his friends, you better hope you brought your bathing suit and towel. He'd die protecting the people he cares about, and he wants to die such a noble death, though not any time soon. He has short dark brown hair and very peculiar eyes. His right is an emerald green, and his left brown with a yellow glint. He doesn't wear his glasses much, only because he got contacts, though sometimes wears them if he doesn't feel like messing with them.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

                                          Amber Millington

Amber Millington is an adventurous, outgoing, cool 16 year old demigod. She has a nice lean, and athletic figure which is perfect for running and close combat a nice, light brown complexion with long, lucious curly brown hair and blond highlights. Her eyes are a pretty shade of sparkling sky-blue that's also her favorite color. Like all Poseidon children, Amber absolutely, LOVES THE WATER! lakes, rivers, ponds, lagoons, oceans, seas, you name it! She'll swim in it! Amber is also not the kind of girl you want to be enemies with. Despite her beautiful and "frail" (NOT), appearance, she's totally wicked with hand to hand combat and can deliver a punch or slap or kick faster than a blink of an eye. She took karate when she was little and ajusted to life at Camp Omega pretty fast. amber is also not the type to take rude remarks to heart, she is a more of a humorous, layed back, sometimes serous don't mess with me or I'll mess you up kind of gal. She doesn't have a crush on anybody yet but it keeping her eyes open. She usually fights with her celestial bronze sword

Cabin 4: Demeter

Head Counselor: Chloe Storm

Chloe Storm just so happens to be the Head Counselor of the Demeter Cabin.  She is about 18 years old and has had a difficult time at camp.  Throughout the years she has always tried her hardest to be nice, but a few years ago she lost her boyfriend and hasn't been the same since.  Chloe has dirty blonde hair that goes to the middle of her back, and bright blue eyes.  She tends to wear makeup regularly, to cover any scars from past events that have taken place.  Chloe is very skittish at this point and feels much more comfortable surrounded by nature.  She always carries around a rose she gave to her boyfriend before he died. 

RPed by: Ampha

Erica Wright

My character's name is Erica Wright and she is a camper- she's 5'2 and 120 lbs [ 16 yrs ] She enjoys talking to people and conversating but she also enjoys reading a lot, though she probably wouldn't admit it to anyone. Not that she's ashamed of it she just prefers to pretend that what she knows is from her own mind instead of the words from other people. She usually doesn't like keeping herself inside all day or cooped up in a single area at one time and she doesn't like staying alone for too long either, she enjoys the company of others and it makes her feel more confident. She enjoys to party but mainly as a distraction when something serious is coming on, she doesn't like confronting probematic situations and she'd prefer a physical fight to a mental fight though she would probably lose in either fight. She likes to think that she's strong, straight forward, and loyal but her downsides is that she's narrow minded, jealous, stubborn, childish and impatient not to mention she gets angry at people far too easily and tends to make thing seem more serious then they actually are. Her [step] mother left her when she was a kid though they still stayed in contact and her father re-married farily quicky. She had gotten pretty normal grades and made a few really close friends, after high school she finds the camp reletivly soon and got sorted into cabin #4 ( child of Demeter ) She has blonde hair and brown eyes with a scar on her left caf from a biking incident from when she was a child.

  RPed by: Andrew

Daisy Jan

Daisy isn't a person you'd find remembering past moments. No, she is always in the now, her thoughts never on the past or future. She is very school smart, but her emotional smarts aren't the best, so going to her for relationship troubles isn't the best idea. She is quite soft spoken, not talking unless spoken too, but isn't afraid to rebel against what she thinks is wrong. She is very stubborn, and once she has made up her mind, it is almost impossible to change it. She is very kind, and cares for anybody who is willing to let her. She loves to garden in her spare time, and being a daughter of Demeter, she is one of the best at it. She has straight, dark brown hair that stops at her shoulders, and matching dark brown eyes. She often has some sort of flower in her hair as well, and her face is covered in freckles. She doesn't have much of a terrible back story, but that's probably because her father protected her from monsters. When he felt it was time to let her leave, she did as told without a single look back. She works at a small flower shop and loves to work there, even if pay isn't the highest. She fights with a flower pen, which transforms into a golden sword if she takes the cap off. The handle is decorated with engraved flowers, which was given to her by her mother for fighting off a hell hound using only the power of growing plants. She carries the pen with her everywhere, even though she almost never encounters monsters.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Cabin 5: Ares

Head Counselor: Lily

Lily is a seventeen - year - old daughter of Ares. She is a year - round camper at Camp Omega. She has long, thick black hair, and fair skin. She has black eyes that are slightly sloped because of her race. She is tall and skinny.She is nice enough, but can get mad very easily. She is very talkative in most cases. She dislikes archery, but loves axes, swords, and scythes.


Rped by: Mila

Mason Sevi

Mason is a comedian, often making jokes out of everything. He is a 15 year old son of Ares and  a fairly good fighter, holding true to his father's position as the god of war and fights with a gladiator.  He is very carefree and doesn't really hold anything against anybody, often letting bad things roll off his shoulder. He has glowing green eyes, brown hair, and his face is lightly decorated with freckles. His has a long scar that runs from his shoulder to the tip of his middle finger from an encounter with a Hydra.

RPed by: The Loony Tune


Haley is a 16 year-old daughter of Ares. She is sweet, fiery, and at times flirty. She loves to fight. She has black hair that hangs down to her waist and green eyes. She loves dark colors like black, and blood red. She is ferocious with a sword and could kill a man in a matter of minutes then be out of there without a trace in seconds. I do recommend you be careful around her and not get her angry.  Her only weak spot is the fact that she is scared of heights, but nobody knows that.

rped by: Tabitha.Jade

Cabin 6: Athena

Head Counselor: Agatha

Agatha is a seventeen year old daughter of Athena. She is also the head councelor of Cabin Six. Agatha has wavy honey-brown hair that gets lighter and curlier at the ends and chocolate brown eyes. Her skin is usually tanned and she has freckles. Agatha is kind, fun-loving, a great friend, trustworthy, and always curious for an answer. She is a natural leader, but knows when to step back and let other people lead. Agatha will do anything to defend her camp She is also an amazing archer. She can shoot an arrow is half when it is flying at her. Agatha is also a pretty good swordsman. She always has a small owl necklace on around her neck.

Pic: same as before

RPed by:  Agatha Rays

Lynn Rees

Lynn Rees tends to be a smart girl but everyone makes foolish choices sometimes, it's okay.  She is a daughter of Athena and wound up at the camp through a series of confusing events. She tends to hang out only with Lacy but is now opening up a bit more.  She is about 19 years old and has long hair to her waist. It tends to get curly and the color ranges depending on the amount of sunlight she gets.  Lynn isn't particularly tall but is a hardworker, and gets the job done in her own way.

 RPed by: Ampha

Ivory Pasco

Ivory Pasco is a self conscious yet spunky 14 year old daughter of Athena. She doesn't really like socializing because she is always nervous about what people will think of her and scarred that she will say something wrong and leave a bad impression. When she was 11 a group of harpies attacked her house in Long Island and her father, step mom and step sister where all killed but she escaped and was left alone and wounded on the streets. When she was 12 (one year later) she found Camp Omega and she gratefully accepted it's safe atmosphere. She feels guilty every day for her father, step mom's and step sister's death and thinks that she is responsible since the harpies wouldn't have attacked if she wasn't there. She has black hair and light blue eyes, and she is usually wearing bright colours.  She is sarcastic and quick witted and loves to read as well as, believe it or not, loves to play basketball. 

RPed by: Caine

Katrina Ulsome

Katrina is a brave, silly, and flighty 14 year old daughter of Athena. She is quite careless, often causing bad things to happen without ever even noticing. She isn't very keen on leading anybody, but will gladly take up any attention, sometimes eing classified as an attention hog because of this. She is an excellent artist, some of her own artworks comparable with even the greatest of artists' pieces. She does lot's of different types of art, from sculpting, to pencil and paper, she all around good with art. She is also into photography, and has been a photographer since she was 7. She has every single one of the photos still, and she keeps them locked up in her suitcase. She always carries a camera with her no matter what. She is very attentive to details, capturing every moment with a camera. She wasn't a very acedemic student, and would slack off because she thought that the skills were unnecessary, and stuck to her thought. She got held back in 7th grade, but that was the year she had to drop out anyways. She is actually very smart, finding that she needs motivation to do things she doesn't want to do. Katrina has light brown hair, with natural orange-blonde highlights. Her eyes are steel blue, and often hard to find any emotion in. Her skin is fairly tan, and she has no freckles unlike her younger brother. She fights with a steel staff, and finds that it gives her a better chance in battles than swords do.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Parker Ulsome

Parker is a protective, impulsive and diligent 12 year old son of Athena. He doesn't at all mind that he is the only boy in the cabin, but he doesn't exactly like it either. He is very talented in battle strategy, being that his mother is te goddess of Warfare, and never goes into battle without some sort of plan. Even with that, he thinks up these plans fairly quickly. He will take on any challenge with open arms, and would never back down from one. He usually comes out on top, though he isn't any particular match to Nike children. He was a strait 'A' student up until he had to drop out of school. He is usually always smiling, showing his dark and light blue braces often. He isn't afraid to admit he isn't perfect, but he'll never say he's not good enough. He is very observant of small details, often seeing the beauty in things many ignore. Parker has curly orange-blonde hair and dark brown-green eyes. He would gladly take any hit for the people he cares for, and would protect them at any cost.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Cabin 7: Apollo

Head Counselor : Fay Arabeth

Fay Arabeth is a fourteen year old daughter of Apollo. She has short caramel-colored hair and friendly grey eyes. She's thin and very tall for her age. Fay is friendly, always in a good mood, but can get panicked easily. She is a pretty good spearsman and also likes swordfighting. Fay has a slight Brittish accent, which intensifies when she gets mad or excited, or very happy.  

RPed by:  Agatha Rays


Lysander Silver is the 15 year old son of Apollo. He's stayed at Camp Omega ever since he was 12 when he got out of the Mental Hospital. He is bipolar, ADHD and acts like a giant 3 year old. Not having many friends he prefers to spend most of his time in the stables or listening to music. His moods can switch from overjoyed to angry in half a secound so you might want to watch what you say around him. Also he really hates nicknames so never call him anything but Lysander.

 RPed by: Nicolette

April Curtis

April is a mouthy, outgoing, and sometimes bossy 16 year old daughter of Apollo. Unlike almost every demigod, she enjoys fighting monsters and will often go out looking for them, making her sister, Aria, have total panic attacks until she comes back. She fights with a bow and arrow set given to her by her mother as a birthday gift. April to loves to be outside, whether she's practicing archery, chilling with friends, or just plain relaxing in the sun, but her skin doesn't show it. She has very pale skin, though it rarely ever burns, it never tans either. She has dark red, tints of brown hair and bright emerald green eyes, which are almost always hidden by a pair of sunglasses.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Aria Curtis

Aria is a total bookworm, reading whatever she can get her hands on, fiction or non fiction. She loves to just be outside, though her fair skin often keeps her from being in direct sunlight for long. She'll go outside anyways, but usually sitting under the shade of a tree and reading a book. She is quite a coward, often letting others go into battle while she stays behind. She is very kind and caring when it comes to people whom she considers her friends, though that is very few since she rarely ever talks to anybody because of her shyness. When she sees somebody who is injured or badly hurt, you better stay out her way. When she's in 'healing mode' as her sister calls it, she will often push others out of her way if it gets to such drastic measures. Once she's finished healing, she turns back into her normal self, speaking few words if any. She is average sized, with hazel eyes and long, thin, dark ginger and orange highlighted hair.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Corrin Rosa 

Corrin Rosa is an up-beat 16 year old daughter of Apollo. she has long,curly-ish blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She loves her home at cabin 7 and her half siblings there. She was born and raised in Paris France with her mother who was a musketeer. One night,when she was old enough to go and protect an ancient and old royal tower,her mother was slain in front of her eyes. Only until recently,has she known that her mother wasn't the one being murdered by the evil man,it was one of her mom's closest battle buddy. She loves chatting with one of her best friends Justin but now since he's dating Penny,she feels like he's ignoring her and Penny's taking him away from her. Her preferred weapon is a bronze dagger but she also uses a bow and her magical endless amount of arrows given to her by her father for pleasing him/making him proud when she defeated a full grown kampe all by herself. Corrin is a fun-spirited girl with lots of friends. Like Lizzie of the hunters of Artimes,cORRIN HAS A METALIC GOLD DOG THAT CAN DETECT LIES. she DOESN'T HAVE A SILVER ONE BUT LOVES HER GOLD DOG ALL THE SAME,(LITTLE KNOWN SECRET,HER FATHER aPOLLO GAVE HER GOLDEN metalic DOG TO HER!) She's also dating Rory from the Ares cabin.

rp'd by alex aka silverbrook


Cole is a son of Apollo. He is thirteen years old. He has slightly curly dirty blonde hair and faded blue eyes. He's very shy, and doesn't talk much. Once you get to know him, though, he's a great, loyal friend. Just don't get on his bad side. He loves to play music, especially clarinet. He's terrible at sword-fighting and only mediocre at archery. He prefers not to do either. 

RPed by: Agatha Rays

                                             Gabriella Stone 

Gabriella is a 16 year old daughter of Terpsichore. Ok yes,you might ask what a daughter of the muse of dance is doing living in the Apollo Cabin but truthfully,this Apollo is as close as she can get to a Terpsichore Cabin because Terpsichore is the muse of dance and Apollo is the god of music,the sun and poetry. Anyway,Gabriella is a cute tall teenager with light honey brown skin and long locks of dark dark brown with lighter brown at the ending locks. Her eyes are a sparkly chocolate brown and her figure is lean and agile. Being the daughter of a muse,she loves all kinds of music and instruments and being a daughter of the muse of dance makes her incredibly good at all kinds of dancing from hip-hop to ballet. If you watched Shake It Up before you know on the show the dancers dance hip-hop well this kind of dance is what Gabriella Stone loves doing best! Gabriella,(Gabby),LOVES fashion and bright colors so she usually looks amazing in public unless it's one,(or some), of those days when she feels like wearing a normal tank top or something,but she still looks cute! Her father works as a hip-hop choreographer in los angeles so Gabriella doesn't get to see him much but when he comes back to New York you won't find this cool gal in Camp,you'll find her and her father in a studio in NY or maybe at the mall or cafe or maybe at the beach or their mansion West of Camp Omega. Even though Gabby knows her cabinmates in the Apollo Cabin aren't her real half brothers and sisters,she likes hanging out and talking with them all the same. Her weapon of choice are her musical powers which can stun her enemies in their tracks and her bejeweled silver sword which turns from headband to weapon. She is currently single and doesn't have a crush.

                                                                                                                         rp'd by alex aka silverbrook

Cabin 9: Hephaestus

Head Counselor: Justin Matthews

Justin Matthews is just your average 13 year old demigod. He isn't the strongest or the tallest, though he isn't a weakling. He recently stumbled into Camp Omega, and found out that his godly parent is Hephaestus. He has the gift of creating fire, but if he is nervous, it won't work very well. He is very good with a sword, and that is his weapon of choice. He has brown hair with darker highlights and crystal blue eyes. Before he came to the camp he was on the verge of being killed by a group of empousai. He has two friends, Corrin and Penny, both of which are girls. Penny is his girlfriend, and he enjoys her company, even if they can't spend much time outside of camp without the police crossing their paths.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Dallas Loreen

Dallas Loreen is a brave and caring 18 year old son of Hephaestus. His mom died in a care crash when he was thirteen, leaving him to raise his younger sister, Zoe. He is very protective over Zoe and he would do anything for her and hurt anyone who hurts or tries to hurt her. I spend most of my time in the forges making weapons and he am fairly quiet and suspicious around new people. He has wispy dirty blonde hair and green eyes and is usually wearing a dark red gem on a black leather necklace around his neck. 

RPed by: Caine

Zoe Loreen

Zoe Loreen is a outgoing and careless 16 year old daughter of Hephaestus. Her mom died in a car crash when she was 10 and ever since then her brother Dallas has raised her. She often gets annoyed at how over protective Dallas is of her but she loves him and often does careless things just to push his buttons. She is very energetic and when it comes to fighting she's not the best, but she's great at forging weapons. She is a coward and she will often run at the first sign of danger. She has short blond hair that stops at her chin and bright green eyes

RPed by: Caine

                                                Niall Aaron

Niall is a 16 year old son of Hephaestus. You'll most likely find Niall tuning up something in the armory or messing with a strange weapon. Niall has a tanish colored skin and has very slightly spiky hair. Some might make fun of him for hanging out in the armory all day by calling him a grease monkey but he likes being called that. He is proud to be a son of Hephaestus even thought most people say he's a boring father. When Niall's with his friends,he's nice,funny and loyal,but when he's with the demigods who make fun of him,they might find a toolbox giving them a bonk on the head. He likes to show his siblings in Cabin 9 his new weapons and feels like they're the only ones who understand him.

rped by: alex aka silverbrook

Cabin 10: Aphrodite 

Head Counselor: Izzy

Izzy is a chatty, bold and brave girl. She is a camper at Camp Omega and head counselor of the Aphrodite cabin. Izzy is 17 and loves fashion and romance. she gets along fairly well with her siblings, especially Lyla-who is her best friend. Izzy has blonde hair and green eyes and is often wearing make-up. She is bubbly, energetic and has a crush on Kyle, son of Hebe. Izzy always has a golden whip her mother gave to her with her and she always fights with it. She is a very good fighter and has a ability -like most children of Aphrodite- to charmspeak. 

RPed by: Caine

Lyla Jones

Lyla Jones is a bubbly girl who loves to be surrounded by people. She tries her hardest to be friends with everyone but is super close to Izzy. At this point, Lyla is about 18 years old. She has very light blonde hair that goes to the middle of her back and has bright, piercing blue eyes.  Lyla is a girl who has to look good and get "dolled up" for any daily activity, which is totally okay. She used to have a crush on Blake, now it isn't known how she feels. She has a strong charmspeak, but definitely not the strongest.
RPed by: Ampha


Isis is an aggresive 15 year old girl who would never back down from a fight. She has a fiery temper and battle axe so you might want to watch what you say around her. She's got a slight scottish accent that thickens when she gets emotional. With purple hair and a black leather jacket she's easy to find in a crowd. Her only friend so far at Camp Omega is Nicolette and she's not sure which god her dad is yet and her mother is Aphrodite.


Rped by: Isis

Harper Quinn

Harper Quinn is a funny and caring 20 year old man in the Aphrodite cabin. He is an amazing drawer and he is often drawing in his sketch book, but few have seen his drawings. He is very friendly and loves to make jokes. He has never told anyone but he is terrified of heights and birds. He has short black hair and light blue eyes. His twin sister, Annie Quinn, and him had gotten seperated after a fight and he had sadly assumed she died, but when they were 15 they got reunited and he's thrilled she's back, although she can be annoying at times. He joined Camp OMega when he was 14 an d he has lived there ever since. He is engaged to Karmin and would do anything for her.

 RPed by: Caine

Annie Quinn

Annie Quinn is a hardworking and tough 20 year old girl and the daughter of Aphrodite. Although she may come off as sweet and gentle, if you are an enemy of her or get on her bad side she can easily win a fight with someone twice her size. She enjoys hand to hand combat but if she had to choose her favourite weapon it would be a dagger. She loves playing pranks, especially on her twin brother, HArper Quinn. When Harper and her were 11 she and him had lost contact during a fight and they couldn't find him so she sadly assumed he had died. Then, when they were 15, they were reunited in Camp Omega and she is thrilled to have her brother back, although he can be annoying at times. She has black hair that falls just past her shoulders and pale blue eyes. She is dating Luke who just so happens to be the brother of HArper's girlfriend, but she doesn't mind and she loves Luke very much. 

RPed by: Caine

Ashley Turner

Ashley Turner is a kind-hearted 15 year old daughter of Aphrodite. She has a light complexion, warm chocolate colored eyes and long, perfect dark brown hair with amber/caramel colored highlights. She's able to charmspeak, like some of her sisters and she uses it. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, Ashley's rich. Her whole entire family of grandparents, great grandparents and so on were all very wealthy/rich people,so obviously, her dad and her inherited that so she's a rich demigod who visits her dad in their large beach mansion. Her dad's job also pays him tons. Ashley's usual personality is a mix of kindness, bold, sassy, spunky, headstrong and confident so this girl's not afraid to speak her mind. She just loathes know-it-all's so when they really get on her nerves, she fires back a sassy remark about the person. She's the queen of comebacks! But she's still nice. She stands up for her friends and sticks by them no matter what. but loyalty isn't her fatal flaw if that's what your thinking. And if you want to know her fatal flaw,*looks from left to right then sighs*. HAHAHAHAHAHA! GOTCHYA,YOU ACTUALLY THOUGHT I WAS GONNA TELL YOU! Ashley keeps her fatal flaw a secret and hasn't told anyone it,not even her boyfriend. Unlike most of her sisters,Ashley loves to play all kinds of sports and has a great talent for ice skating, since she used to be a figure skating assistant teacher after 6 years of it. She loves anything to do with music and Her weapon of choice is her charmspeak and her golden locket,which turns into an imperial gold sword when she pulls it off her neck. The magical locket was actually given to her by Aphrodite herself. She's BONDED with her beloved pegasus Daffodil who is totally addicted to caramel covered marshmellows. Ashley loves chatting with her half siblings from cabin 10. She's a kind and great friend and is dating Jett from the Nike Cabin. 

          rped by: alex aka silverbrook                      


Jamie is a pretty, tan skinned, tall, 15 year old daughter of Aphrodite. Being a daughter of Aphrodite you'd think all she thinks about is beauty, love, and fashion right? Nope. She would much rather be outside playing sports than inside doing her hair or make-up, her favorite sport being Volleyball. She isn't very keen on perfume, and often gags at the smell of it, though can stand it if she is sleeping, which is about the only time she's in the perfume filled cabin. Just because she likes and dislikes these things, doesn't make her an Aphrodite child any less. She loves to talk about fashion and do makeovers with her sister sometimes. She loves to meet new people, and make friends, rarely ever making any enemies. She always compliments others, never putting herself before anybody else. Her favorite of her siblings would be Ashley, being that they have similar interests. She has a spartus name Angel, and loves her to bits, even though she sometimes looks like a skeleton. On her 10th birthday, Jamie was given a charm bracelet, and her father gave her a new charm on each of her birthdays. She has sparkling blue-green eyes, given to her by her father. She was given the gift of Charm Speaking, like her siblings Ashley and Leah, but isn't very good at it, and often convinces herself into doing stuff she asks others to do.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Lexi Monroe

Lexi Monroe is a rebellious and loud seventeen year old daughter of Aphrodite. she will do anything for attention and she isn't afraid to admit she is an attention hog. She may be a pretty Aphrodite child but she doesn't care much for fashion, although she's not a total slob at that. She has a large tattoo all up and down her right arm of roses and vines and she is often wearing tank tops so she can show it off. She has black hair and dark brown eyes and she is very cocky. She often acts better then everyone else and she loves to brag. She is very outgoing and is able to charmspeak, like most of her siblings. She is a huge dare devil and seems to make enemies everywhere she goes, although she doesn't care. She is flirtatious and confident but her weak spot is that she is very gullible. 

RPed by: Caine

Cabin 11: Hermes

Head Counselor: Nikolai

Nikolai is an easy going and daring sixteen year old son of Hermes. He is quick on his feet and although hes a good fighter, he often charges into battle without thinking. He would do anything to protect his friends and family and he is very loyal. He often goes looking for trouble and he's always joking around. Like most Hermes children he is good at stealing, and he loves it! He'll steal anything, small or big, so you can imagine how many enemies he has. He is quite dimwitted which is definitely one of his flaws, although his skills with a sword and speed makes up for it in battle. He often tries to take on things he obviously can not do alone and he never admits defeat. He is untrustworthy and cunning and he loves speaking back to his superiors. He's always flirting with girls although he's never actually had a serious relationship and although he seems to take everything as a joke, he can be serious to. He has light brown hair and brown eyes, and he is African American. 

RPed by: Caine


Athena is a welcoming female who is 16 years old, and loves to greet people..  She has golden blodne hair,and is very skinny.  She doesn't know who her parents are or anything.

RPed by: Jasmin


Joshua is a calm, very laid back boy at the age of 15. He has messy blonde hair and blue eyes. He doesn't know godly parent yet, but it doesn't matter to him. He loves to read and is very sweet and caring.  His girlfirend is Cat.

 RPed by:  tabitha.jade

Emma Flightfoot

Hi there, my name is Emma Flightfoot, daughter of Hermes, girl of 16. I have waistlength brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and coordination as sharp as a knife. I am tall and thin, but with strongly muscled arms. My favorite weapon is a bow and arrow. I am new here, a recent demigod on the run as it were, and don't have many friends yet. I keep to myself pretty often. I love to ride the gryphons here; flight is just something that runs in the family I guess.


Rp by: Emma Flightfoot


Cassie is a determinded girl at age 14. She can come across as paranoid but she has her reasons. Being sometimes over-protective of the ones close to her, Cassie tends to worry too much and over think the smallest problems. She is amazing at math and is very clever. Having no clue who her godly parent is, she's been on the run since she was 12. In the past 2 years her twin was killed in a surprise attack from a monster. She doesn't like to talk about it, but since then has made herself prepared at all times for pretty much anybody to turn on her. Cassie has a secret soft side that almost nobody has ever seen. Lightening quick with her curved sword she'd stolen from another demi-god, shes not somebody you'd want to betray. She's short for her age and her face makes her look younger than what she really is.

RPed by: Nicolette


Evangeline is a pretty eighteen year old year rounder. Though she has been at Camp Omega since she was eight, she's still unclaimed. Evangeline has long, wavy brown hair and hazel eyes and lots of freckles. She's...fairly nice, though has an easily triggered temper and is not afraid to speak her mind. Evangeline has been playing soccer her whole life and uses it to let out her feelings.

 RPed by: Agatha Rays

Yasmine Dalin

Yasmine is a fiery, outgoing, and loud 14 year old. Even though her godly parent is undecided, she doesn't allow this to bog her down. In fact, she actually likes it. It allows her more opportunities to make friends, being that there can be no hate against her godly parent. She can be pretty fired up at times, sometimes yelling at her friends or strangers if she is angered. Even though this can get many angered, she is hard not to forgive, and is very caring and kind. She is pretty opinionated, often trying to convince others that what she wants or believes is better than their own options. She is quite competitive, striving to be at the top, or at least somewhere near there. She isn't exactly the best fighter, though can hold her own against larger opponenets on her own. She is deathly afraid of insects and reptiles, and will run at the first sight of either one. This makes it nearly impossible to fight lots of the monsters. She has dark brown hair and eyes. She is also African American.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Ethan Alessandroni

Ethan is a resourceful, strong, wise, and astute son of Hermes. He is very sneaky, being able to slide past others with a swiftness of a ninja. He has a great downfall as well. The 17 year old boy is deaf. He wasn't born this way, but soon after he turned 9, they had gotten into a car accident. Luckily, he'd survived, but lost his hearing in the collision. He's able to read lips quite well, but can't handle too many words at once.  His speach is better than one would believe, and he's able to convince people that he isn't deaf, even for a short while. Before he had moved to America, he had lived in Italy, with his mother. She had spoken Italian her whole life, but knew that he had to go to American sooner or later, and taught him English as well as her native language. He now knows both, and sometimes speaks in Italian on accident. Even after they moved to America, he was still learning English. Shortly before he came to camp with Evan, he learned complete English, perfecting his speach. Then he was sent off to the woods, without his mother's help. He fairs pretty well in camp, often carrying a notebook with him so that people may right what they want to say. He's very kind, and treats everybody with respect, even if they may not return it. He hates how his siblings and him are stereotyped as no good thieves, but will live with it. He hopes one day to clear his fathers name, and his own in the process. He has light brown hair, and dark brown eyes. He also has dimples.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Evan Alessandroni

Evan is a kind, resourceful, tricky, and witty son of Hermes. The 15 year old will use just about anything against you to get what he wants, unafraid of consequences that may occur. He's very careless when it comes to others feelings, offten saying things he'll later regret. He makes friends easily, but the ones he keeps are especially lucky. He doesn't like to trust many people, being that almost everybody stereotypes him, but there are a few of whom he does. One person he trusts for certain would be his older brother, Ethan. Before he lived in America, he lived in Rome, Italy. He speaks both Italian and English, being that his mother only spoke Italian. He's quite judemental, often refusing help from people he's assumed are weak before even talking to them. He sometimes feels like all his brother's weight drops on his shoulders at times, because he is deaf. He'd lift his brother to his feet at any time, but would give anything to go back to when he could hear him speak. Evan has long, brown hair, with dark brown eyes. He has silver braces, and dimples.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Drew Levins

Drew Levins is a spunky and bossy sixteen year old girl. She is a year rounder at Camp Omega and since she is unclaimed, she lives in the Hermes cabin. Drew tends to freak out at the littlest of things and she is very over emotional. She is brave and courageous, although sneaky at times and skilled with throwing daggers. Her father always wanted a boy, so when she was born a girl he basically just treated her as if she was a boy anyways. He named her Drew which, although is a gender neutral name, it is more common with boys. He pressured to her play sports and bought her boy clothes. She ran away from home when she was fourteen, having enough of the never ending battle of impressing her father. Since she ran away she's let her hair grow out and started dressing how she wants to, and she now never lets anyone tell her what to do. She enjoys reading and playing video games, and even though she's escaped her father's pressuring, she still plays sports and goes for jogs to stay fit. Although it seems that it does not bother her that she hasn't been claimed yet, it really does. She's always wanted a mother and when she found out she was a demigod it was like a dream come true. She's waited for a year to be claimed, and each month her hope drops further. She wonders why her mother might not be claiming her. Is she embarrassed? Or just too busy? Drew has dirty blonde hair that falls to her mid bicep, green eyes, and large square glasses. It's hard to become her friend, since she usually pushes people away, and she's usually always in trouble.

RPed by: Caine

Yonie Smith

Yonie Smith is a camper at Omega. She is 14 years old and knows she is the daughter of Hermes. She has glossy straight black hair and pretty silver eyes.She is shy around people she Doesn't know but once you get to know you she is really sweet and friendly. Her favorite animal is a bird, more specifically a dove, and she rescued a blue one when she was 5 years old. That blue dove, which she named Bleu, is her companion and stays by her side, on her shoulder at all times.

Rped by: Dove

Cabin 12: Dionysus

Head Counselor: Alice Vivi

Alice VIvi is a courageous and outgoing 16 year old daughter of Dionysus. She's the type of person who dreams of dying while fighting, although she does not wish to die anytime soon. She dreams of becoming a hero like in all of those fairy tales her mother read to her when she was a child. She aims high and never gives up, even if it takes years to accomplish her goals. She excels with fighting with a sword and since she is a child of Dionysus she can  cause and cure insanity and cause the growth of grape vines. She has long orange/red hair with yellow tips as well as pale green eyes. Before she came to Camp Omega when she was 14 she lived in a small apartment building in Los angeles with her mother and half brother who is fully human. She was quite normal and she found out she was a demigod by accidentally turning someone in her class crazy. Of course she fixed him once a satyr has told her what she was and what she had done then the satyr had brought her safely to Camp omega. She's lived there ever since and she goes back home for holidays and part of summer break. When she is not at home her and her mother and half brother exchange letters and gifts through the mail.

 RPed by: Caine

Cabin 13: Hades

Head Counselor: Jake Farrow

Jake Farrow is 49 and the head counselor of the Hades cabin. He has messy blond hair and humorous olive green eyes. He is a funny guy but he is quite loyal to his friends and very dangerous to his foes. He was beaten by his adopted parents when he was little and got long scars on his back from the experience but now he will do anything to help a child or just about anyone being unfairly treated. His wife is Sheilan (dead) and there daughters are Cleo and Annabell and their sons are Cole and Oliver.

RPed by: Sky Wilde

Shay Anubis

Outgoing. Carefree. Wild. Those are the kinds of words people would use to describe Shay Anubis, 15 year old son of Hades. Most people like his rebellious persona, but authorative figures always know that wherever Shay Anubis is, trouble is. His favorite color is black, and almost always is he wearing at least one peice of clothing that is black. He has a black leather jacket that he wears everywhere, formal event or not. His usual outfit is jeans, a rock band t-shirt (nobody really knows where he gets those from), his leather jacket, aviator glasses, and fingerless black leather gloves. He's supposed to be wearing his orange Camp Omega t-shirt, but he never does, and no one can make him. Shay isn't really officially a part of Camp Omega, since sometimes he leaves and comes back for a while to crash. He does what he wants, when he wants, which is good and bad in some ways. Shay is laid back guy that seems to be problem-free, but his relationship with Hades isn't that great, and neither is his relationship with his mom. Some people fear Shay, some people admire him, and some people just don't know what to think of Shay Anubis, the boy who seems to have it all.

RPed by: Willow Cresta

Caitlynn Haskil

Caitlynn Haskill always was a dark secretive girl, and getting her to open up to you can take forever.  Cat used to be in a very bad place but now she's doing pretty well. Being a daughter of Hades, will tend to make you a little gloomy.  Her story hasn't been completely revealed but when she was younger, she was sent to live with Hades so she'd see a better world, along with her twin sister Annaline.  A few years ago, Anna was killed but Cat has survived because of her friends and her boyfriend Joshua. Cat is now 19 years old and still dyes her hair a red color every week, she just goes a little lighter on the makeup.

                                            RPed by:  Ampha                                                    

Rosa Ashfield

With a sarcastic attitude and a bored look in her eyes, Rosa Ashfeild is your average 13 year old. That is, other than the fact that she's daughter to one of the most powerful gods in Olympus; Hades. She has been visited by her father before and doesn't like him much. She's been with Cassie ever since her mom and step-dad were arrested and the monsters finally started attacking her. Rosa is the only person who Cassie seems to trust and would never let the older girl down. She likes to consider herself a medium; having the ability to see the future as well as talk to the dead. Being quite quiet and awkward, she'll let Cassie do most of the talking but she's also very protective of her best friend. Armed with a celestial bronze sword and the wish for revenge, there's little chance you'll make it out unharmed.

RPed by: Nicolette


Dawn is a 18 year old boy who is a son of Hades. He has a bad temper and short attention span. when you meet him be nice or good bye to you. He wears an ACDC shirt and black skinny jeans. He loves his black and red hair. is crush is cassie


Rped by: Isis

Cole Farrow

Cole is 13 and has to be one of the most troublesome kids in all of camp omega. He has greasy black hair, golden eyes, and a face that makes him quite a ladies’ man. He is well a bad boy, capturing the hearts of many girls then breaking them after a few days, causing trouble for all the counselors and pretty much everyone else by stealing, fighting, and pranking then slipping out of punishment. He fights with a broad sword made of imperial gold and is quiet skilled with it.   

Rped by: tabitha.jade


Star is a friendly young girl, she loves to play and draw. She has long brown hair. She's child of Hades, has a dark-green bracelet on her left hand. She wear's a long black skirt and a blue t-shirt, or a dark-green dress with a emerald necklace. She has blue eyes.  And she can sometimes get on her father's side, but other then that, she's her mother. She is 11 years old and is a Camper!

RPed by: Star

Autumn Paracelsus

Autumn Paracelsus is a very spunky, comedic 17 year old. She's always trying to make her friends laugh, even if there not in a laughing mood. Most would never believe her, maybe because of her tan skin and big heart, but she belongs to Cabin 13, as a daughter of Hades. She has a tall, slender build, and is even taller than most boys her age. She has thick and full brown and blonde hair with grayish-blue eyes. Of course, being a daughter of Hades she has a connection to the Underworld. Even though she may be as sweet as candy to her friends, she is talented in the ways of swords, knives, daggers, and bows, though isn't to keen on fighting, and would much rather talk it out. This doesn't make her a wimp though. She would gladly take out anybody, even if they're twice her size. She always wears a skull necklace, which her mother had given as a gift when she told Autumn her father was the god of the Underworld. It was supposed to make it so it didn't seem so bad, but Autumn doesn't think so. She wears it anyways to make her feel l Her past is one that comes in flashbacks. She had lost her memory to remember her late mother. She lost her memory to the River Lethe, and had hated the children of Poseidon ever since. She sometimes remembers things from her past, but they usually seem like they could never happen to her, so she has to slowly piece it together.  

RPed by: The Loony Tune


Cheyenne is a stubborn, demanding 14 year old who resides in cabin 13, though, she should be in cabin 11, since she is unclaimed. She doesn't trust Hermes children, and will likely turn away from them if they talk to her. She will not take orders from others, unless she really likes or trusts them, and will do the job horribly so they take over. If she wants something, she isn't afraid to pull out all the stops to get it, and will argue for hours on end if she has to. She has quite a big mouth as well, and will often insult people, sometimes without thinking before she says it, making some believe she has no filter between her mouth and brain. These traits make her seem like a pretty bad person, but if you are one that she considers a friend, you'll see that she isn't all bad, and is really a sweet heart. She is gentle, kind, and if anything isn't bossy to her friends. She is shorter than average, though not enough that puts her at a disadvantage, and is quite strong, easily taking out boys older than her. Her skin never really tans, leaving it pretty pale. Curly blonde hair reaches just past her shoulders, and the front side is colored red. It's manageable, but is never strait, sometimes making her look like Medusa, though she will quickly fix it. She fights with an imperial gold sword with a black leather handle, and sometimes with a silver dagger with a royal blue handle, given to her by Ashley, from the Aphrodite cabin.

RPed by: The Loony Tune

Cabin 14: Iris

Head Counselor: Ava Autumns

Ava Autumns (nee Lelder) is a daughter of Iris who will be leaving camp soon, because she's ready to explore the world. She is around the age of 21 and ended up marrying River a few years ago [this was a decision made between the two roleplayers]. Ava has remained bright and as kind as one can be. She will be passing on the Head Counselor position to Nicolette. Ava has bright, natural red hair and green-blue eyes. She is ready to move on.

   Rped by: Ampha



Nicolette is usually very positive and silly, and just brushes off insults. but insult her friends and she'll get her revenge soon. She has a keen interest in horses, and she's always wanted one of her own. Although not the brightest demi-god ever, Nicolette will always do her best not to let you down. Being a foster child her whole life, she doesn't remember anything about her parents. Nicolette only just discovered her godly parent was Iris, and has recintly moved into cabin 14. She doesn't like to talk to others about her past, and has a huge fear of snakes. Nicolette has long dyed blue hair that would normally be a light brown. Her eyes are blue with green flecks, and she has ghostly pale skin. she is pretty short for her age making her look younger than her 15 years. She prefers to fight with a bow and arrow, and her outfits are usually very... colourful.

RPed by: Nicolette

Mila Gibbits

Mila a fun-loving girl of fourteen. She is a year-round camper at Omega. She has long wavy honey-brown hair. She is tall and skinny. Mila is funny, but a little shy when meeting new people. She is a fast runner, and amazing sword-fighter. Mila is up to almost any challenge ahead of her. If she doesn't succeed the first time, she tries again. She never quits. Her weapon of choice is her half celestial bronze sword.
RPed by: Bluemoon

                                               Roselyn Starr

Roselyn Starr, AKA Rosie to her friends, is one of the most cheerful and should I say beautiful, no offence to the children of Cabin 10,campers around. Rosie loves anything music related. Her dad owns Starr records and he owns a music shop so she's learned to play a lot of her favorite instruments including flute,trumpet,tuba,piano,saxophone,clarinet,violin,viola,cello,trombone and she even sings a little. She's also met some of the worlds best singers/songwriters because her dad owns Starr Records. Rosie is also amazing at tennis and has been playing it since she was 5. Rosie has long,beautiful locks of orange that's wavy-ish. She likes to hang out with her friends and chat with the niads and nymphs about color corridination,being a child of Iris and all. She loves to paint,like most Iris children,especially painting landscapes with brushes,she thinks paint brushes are great for misty scenes. Most Iris children aren't known to have flashy powers but when Rosie wants to change the color of something,she just imagines what color it's gonna turn into and taps the object. Her weapon of choice are two silver daggers that are usually in their sheaths in her colorful tool belt. She's currently single but is crushing on Nikolai from the Hermes Cabin but she's scared to tell him how she really feels,scared that he might not feel the same way and then it'll be awkward between them.

                                                                                                                          Rped By:  alex aka silverbrook

Cabin 15: Hypnos

Head Counselor: Shadow

Shadow is a tall, mysterious, slightly threatening female camper at the age of 14. She has dark black hair and green eyes. She usually ALWAYS wears a veil with black swirls and designs on it. She has a white fan that she carries with her where ever she goes. She wears dark red lipstick. She usually wears a long, black dress. When she was 10 her mother gave her a pet basilisk for her 11th birthday. She named it Fang and it is still with her. She cares for Fang well. She is surprisingly very loyal and kind.


RPed by: tabitha.jade

Malik Savery

Malik Savery is a arrogant and narcissistic fifteen year old son of Hypnos. He is sarcastic and reckless and will often save himself over others. He is very talented with a bronze sword his mother had bought for him before passing away, and he is fairly lazy but loves fighting. He is loud and opinionated and he loves to annoy people, and he's proud to say he's pretty good at it. He has gray eyes and light brown hair as well as large pink lips. He hasn't gotten close to anyone ever since his girlfriend died a few months ago and he hates talking about anything serious or sad. 

RPed by: Caine


Victoria is a 15 year old camper with long black hair that's usually in a braid and blue eyes. She is tall and quiet at first but once she gets to know you you cant stop her from talking. She usually wears a brown t-shirt and jeans with a pair of sneakers.
RPed by: tabitha.jade

Cabin 16: Nemisis

Head Counselor: Gage

Gage is a 16 year old camper at camp omega. He has blazing red hair and warm hazel eyes that sparkle in the light. He is very positive and I mean VERY and loves miracles but you shouldn’t cross him or his twin brother Koda. He has a golden coin in his pocket that he flips when annoyed and the madder he gets the faster it flips and if it gets fast enough it turns into a brick and at that point Gage becomes a killing machine and only coke can stop him but when he is attacked suddenly or doesn't have time to get his brick out he will use a hammer that was given to him. His girlfriend is Heather.

RPed by: Sky Wilde


To those who don't know him very well Koda is just... well grumpy. He tends to complain a lot he always seems to always glare at people. He almost never smiles, and when he does it's usually not for long. He tends to have long rants about everything, but what he says usually makes a lot of sense. infact the only person he actually seems to like is his twin Gage. His mother is Nemisis goddess of Revenge, he has mixed feelings about this fact. He seems to make enemies quickly, although he never actually intends to hurt them too much. Just maybe enough for them to know that he is not to be messed with. Koda has messy red hair that he's too lazy to brush, and cold hazel eyes that always seem to say "f**k you". His skin is naturally pale and he always looks as if he hadn't eaten in days. He is about medium height for a 16 year old, and always wears the same baggy black hoodie. Dating Tia.

RPed by: Nicolette

Cabin 17: Nike

Head Counselor: Eleanor Pines

Eleanor Pines is the proud daugther of Nike, and is head counselor of Cabin 17. She prefers to be called Nellie, and there are rumors that she used to kill not only monsters but also innocent mortals before she came to Camp Omega. To those lucky people she calls friends she's actually really nice and funny, but she gets annoyed easily. She plays a lot of sports and is as good as demi-gods twice her age. She hates to loose even the smallest things, and comes across as a bitch sometimes. She is pretty tall for a 13 year old, and has naturally curly blonde hair, tanned skin and icey blue eyes.


 RPed by: Nicolette


James is a friendly and sarcastic seventeen year old boy. He has blonde hair and light blue eyes and large pink lips. He loves training animals and usually always has one following him around. Being a child of Nike he wins at basically everything he plays and is very competitive. He most enjoys fighting with his bronze sword that he usually has sheathed by his side and he is very obedient and hates being the leader although he loves being the center of attention. 

RPed by: Caine

Nikki Torris

Nicole Torris, Nikki to everyone except her dad, is an attractive 17 year old daughter of Nike. This gal has long, manageable brown hair, a light complection and dark, warm brown eyes that are usually full of light and excitement. Nikki has a sparky and sarchastic attitude, and doesn't like being questioned on her skills and talents. If she is, she'll probably cream the person who did so at the activity! Nikki's father is a track champion gold medalyst which probably attracted her mother Nike, goddess of victory, to him but annoyingly, Nikki doesn't get to see him often because he's traveling the world at the moment, running his big heart out in all sorts of locations! When he comes back to New York though, Nikki won't be found at camp. She'll be hanging out with her dad at their house probably. When playing sports or doing camp activities, Torris always pushes herself to her limits, partly because she fears the annoying total humiliation of being...well... humiliated! Nikki is very competitive but is...somewhat... a good sport if she loses to something to her siblings from cabin 17. Nicole's weapon of choice is her celestial bronze sword and she doesn't have a crush on anybody. 
                                                                                                                         rped by: alex aka silverbrook

Jett Zereal

Jett isn't someone you would lie to. He isn't one who forgets things, and often and holds grudges. Other than that he quite the gentlemen. He is very polite, always using manners, though he is no goody goody. He likes to pull pranks, especially on the Aphrodite children because they always overreact giving the best satisfaction. He has jet black hair and glowing blue eyes. He has broad shoulders and is really good at close combat and isn't the best with anything like a bow and arrows. He doesn't have that much of an interesting past. He was stuck in the Lotus Hotel for almost 3 years, from 11 to 13 and a 1/2. He found the camp at age 15 and just recently turned 16, spending almost a year there. He hasn't met many monsters, but the ones he has met, he has beaten with little to no help. He is a son of Nike, which is probably why he never lost to a monster fight, but he believes otherwise.

Rped by: The loony tune

Cabin 18: Hebe

Head Counselor: Kyle

Kyle Chand is a  filler character.

 RPed by: Ampha

Cabin 19: Tyche

                                  Head Counselor: Jordyn Hunter

Jordyn Hunter is the headstrong counselor of cabin 19. The daughter of Tyche is 16 years old and has sparkling blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair. She had arrived at Camp Omega when she was 13 and is proud of herself for becoming the Head Counselor of Cabin 19 even though she knows she's the only child of Tyche in all of Camp. She's lived in New York all her life and her dad is currently living in an apartment. She loves to play games,especially card games. Since she's a child of Tyche,she never loses in a game. Her favorite card game is UNO,and it's especially fun for her cause when the newbies challenge her to a game of it or any game,gambling with either valuables or books or drachmas,she always wins and gets to keep the stuff unless she's in a good mood and let's the demigod keep the thing their gambling. Even though she loves to play games and gamble,she's very nice and funny. She loves the color blue and her weapon of choice are her game powers and magical silver bow and arrows given to her by,if you guessed Artimes,you were right! Yep,you heard me right,Artimes! While she was on her way to Camp Omega,she was attacked by a manticore. She sort of panicked but managed to dodge and weave the attacks since she spent years in gymnastics class. At one moment,when all hope was lost for the young and untrained hero.she grabbed a knife she kept in her back pocket and plunged it through the monster's heart,sending it to Tartures. The goddess of the hunt was watching her battle nearby and walked over to and gave her the magical silver bow and arrows as a gift for a job well done. Now,Jordyn had read all about Artimes in an old Greek Mythology book and was absolutely honored for her earned praise. She bowed to the goddess and Artimes actually smiled,telling her she had a talent then disappeared into the shadows. And to this day,she still is using that same bow and arrows,remembering that the goddess of the hunt gave those items to her. She is currently single and doesn't have a crush.

                                                                                                                          rped by: alex aka silverbrook

Cabin 20: Hecate

Head Counselor:Teresa Cafferly

Teresa Cafferly is a bright, secretive camper. She loves practicing her magic and has a special spellbook to help her improve. She has a close relationship with Lacy Ambross but is nice to all. Teresa has brown hair that is normally tied up in a braid, and she has green eyes.  She is a person who is all for natural things, including essential oils, lack of makeup, and gardening.  Despite what some think, she actually isn't a vegan, but she does hide a lot.

RPed by: Ampha

Lacy Ambross

Lacy Ambross is a five year old daughter of Hecate. She has wispy blond hair and bright blue eyes. Three words to describe her? Crazy. Energetic. Loud. Besides that, Lacy is fun-loving, nice to everyone, and always there for her friends.You can usually find her in the woods, doing whatever floats her boat that day.  Being a child of Hecate, Lacy can do magic/charms. For a five year old, Lacy is skilled at magic.

RPed by:  Ampha

Alexandria Gale

Alexandria Gale is a humored 16 year old daughter of Hecate. She's a tall girl with long,wavy blonde hair and clouded purple eyes. Her weapon of choice is her magic and her silver sword. She loves practicing magic with her fellow siblings at cabin 20. SHE IS A FUN,KIND AND HUMORED GIRL AND VERY EXPERIENCED IN MAGIC. She tries not to get upset about her mother's mysterious ways but fails miserably.



Andy is 15 and a son of Hecate which of chores means he has a small grasp on how to use magic. So far he can create wings on his back that help him fly for short periods of time and his choice weapon is a bronze sword that can split into 5 more swords at a snap of his fingers. Andy is relatively handsome with red-brown hair and silver eyes and a strong build made from all his training at the camp. Andy is a bit of a show-off and loves to get on peoples nerves but will defend his beliefs to the very end and destroy anything that threatens his or anyone else’s life.

Rped by: Sky Wilde

Demigods: On The Run

These are demigods that haven't found Camp Omega yet, or ones that won't accept life in Camp Omega. They can be found all over the country, in the weirdest places, getting in the weirdest situations. Some of them are even juvinile delinquents.


Benny is a funny and kind 6 year old boy. His sister Bekka died but was brought back to life when he met Artemis and she brought her back, Bekka is now a Nymph. Benny thinks of himelf to owe Artemis something so he will always be loyal to her and he does not know of Camp Omega yet. Benny does not know who his godly parent is yet. He has brown/blonde hair and blue eyes. Benny is always joking around even in the worst of situations and doesn't really know when to stop talking. Right now Benny is travelling with Trey and Christina and hopes to keep it like that for awhile.

                                        RPed by: Caine                                          



Trey is 15 years old and is a son of Hermes. He has dark brown hair, silvery grey eyes with gold around his pupils, and is slightly small for his age. He is kind and a natural leader but gets snappy when someone considers him a thief even though he is great at stealing, lying, and spying He wears black winged sneakers that he got from his dad and normally wears a leather jacket. Also he has a pet hawk called Xerox that helps him deliver messages and helps him fight/escape. He travels with Benny, Christina, and Katrina at the moment.

RPed by: Sky Wilde


Christina is as sly as a fox. She can trick you easily, but when o She is on the run with Benny and Trey, and owns a house underground. Christina is amazing at Sewint. Knitting, and anything else. She is also amazing at wood work. Her godly parent is Chione so she enjoys Winter. Very few have her as a parent so she wouldnt have a cabin at Camp Omega. Christina may hate or love you because theres no like in her vocabulary.

                                                                                      RPed by:  Ampha


Sam is a funny and brave boy. He is 15 years old and the son of Hades. Sam has black hair and brown eyes and always seems to be pale. He doesn't like being in big groups so he doesn't like Camp Omega, which is why he's on the run with Emily, who he has a crush on. Sam is very brave and will take charge in any situation as the leader. He will do anything for his loved ones and is very caring towards them.

RPed by: Caine


Emmaline, sometimes Emmy, Emily, Em, or E is Lizzie's younger sister. She is a child of Posiedon at the age of 14. She is a smart 14 year old. Her favorite weapon is a hammer. Friends of her include: Sheilan, Dekka, Farra, Gage, Lizzie, Lyla, and anyone else. She is now a run away and is traveling with Sam, who she has a small crush on. Sadly, she has lost a lot of friends and misses them dearly. Some days she doesn't know why she left Camp Omega but she's glad she did.


RPed by: Ampha

Katrina Valdes

Katrina is an independent girl of 15, one who always like to take on challenges. She is loud, sarcastic, outgoing, and whole bunch of other things that people could use to explain her. As a daughter of Hephaestus, Katrina can make anything from a motorized airplane to a snare if you give her the right material. Even though she hasn't mastered it just yet, Katrina is immune to flame and can create fire also. This girl is smart and can be dangerous when she wants to be, so if make her mad, watch out. She carries around a fore-arm's length bronze dagger that she uses to defend herself as well as clean the food she eats. For hunting, she uses snares that she makes out of a hearty supply of scrap metal that she keeps in her knapsack. One time, she even fashioned a nose ring which she wears around all the time now. Her eyes are a golden brown, her hair a dark, almost black brown. Around her neck she wears a black obsidian pendant with a red sign of a hammer and sword. She's had the pendant for some time, because her mother gave it to her on the day she died.

RPed by: Willow Cresta

Jacob Mason

Jacob is a mysterious child of Apollo, even though he doesn't know it. He has shaggy black hair and glowing sky blue eyes that can seem to pierce through you. His firgure is tall and lean, fit for using a bow and arrow as a weapon. His main weapon actually is a bow and arrows, and for close combat, Jacob has a small, compact dagger that he barely uses. Jacob is light on his feet and uses his brain more than anything else. His usual outfit is worn out jeans and an old t-shirt, and sometimes he goes back to his mom to stop living on his own for a while. But he always has to leave again in a few days. To keep his loved ones safe.
RPed by: Willow Cresta

Lilac Storm (aka Storm)

She is 8. Her favorite food is sushi, and she has a pet beetle. Lilac Storm (a.k.a. Storm) is a girl with a destiny to change the world. She is on the run, but she used to live in Seatle Washington. Her father is Apollo, as the god of medicine. She had to run when a flock of harpies found her only a month after her mother told her who her father was. She has a whole brother and a half brother who is the son of Cratos, the god of strength and power. She was 7 when her mom told her on her birthday and gave her a magical healing toolbox. She is a very cute blond child with strangely bright blue eyes. She's energetic, bubbling over in excitement until she gets embarrassed, which happens very easily. Her pet beetle is 3 years old because a bottle labeled "Youth Stir" from her toolbox spilled on it and it seems to be able to live forever.


Rped by: Nettyl Spryngs

Sylar Ayres

Skylar Ayres is 15 years old. She is always trying to pull pranks on people, though she never stays long enough for them to catch her. She is a Demi-god on the run, and a good one at that. Nearly every time somebody gets close to her, they are mistaken. She is a short and slim. Her blonde hair flows over her shoulders, and pink and purple highlights pull themsleves through her hair. Her bangs sometimes slip into her gray eyes but her hair is quite managable other than that. Being the daughter of Hecate, magic is her specialty. She controls The Mist, and can often be found at Crossroads, thinking. Thinking about her past. She never has, and probably never will, tell anybody about her past.

Rped by: The loony tune

Kimberly Totum

Kimberly Totum is an intelligent and cautious 16 year old daughter of Athena. Being a child of Athena she is very wise especially when it comes to battle, and she has very good hearing. She is a demi-god on the run and she used to be traveling with another demi-god that she met when she was 10 but he died when she was 14. She often crafts her own weapons and uses her "feminine charm" to get what she does need from town, although she is usually in the wilderness surviving on her own. After spending most of her life on the run Kimberly is very adapted to the wild and she often wears all black or camouflaged colours. She has blonde hair that falls to just above her shoulders as well as gray eyes and lots of freckles. She is not much of a fighter and often uses her brain and persuasive words to get out of situations and she is somewhat good at hunting, especially with a bow and arrow. Her prize possessions are a bow and arrow set complete with a holster for her arrows. The whole set is gold and the bow has hand carved leafs and owls taking flight on it and the arrow holster has matching hand carved leaves. The arrows are simply plain and golden and their are twenty of them in total. She got the bow and arrow set from her mother -Athena- after she had defeated a pack of hell hounds all on her own using only her wits. 

RPed by: Caine

Faith Auburn

Stubborn, rude, pushy, and demanding are some traits she has received from others, sometimes to her face, though she doesn't seesm to care. After all, she can be each and every one of those things if she so desires. If you are considered to be a companion of her's, you should be quite proud of yourself, because your one in a million. She comes off as quite mean, often questioning those she meets, though never really caring who they are, but what they have instead. Being a demigod on the run, she has to fight for what she wants, and isn't afraid to get down and dirty for it. If she is interested in you, she will continuously bug you until you give into her request. She likes to trick people into believing in what she does, and is often confused with a charmspeaking Aphrodite child, and if you dare to say so aloud, she'll drop kick you to the moon. She is a daughter of Zeus, and if she wants to, can call lightning, and the winds, and is pretty good at considering she's only 15 years old. She has black, sleek hair and the most confusing of eyes. At times they can be piercing gold, like a sword, but when she is 'happy' which really isn't an emotion she has unless she has succeeded in stealing from somebody, they are calm gold, like the sun at dawn. The day of her birthday, her mother and half siblings were all attacked by a hydra, and she and her mother were able to escape, though her mother died shortly after due to blood loss. She blamed her father for this, but holds him high, as he is the reason she has survived this long. She uses a short lightning rod, which turns into a long silver sword if she swings it out. When she touches the top, it shrinks back into the rod. Her father had given it as a gift when she lost her mother, and at first didn't know how it worked. She has no criminal record, though should for all the times she has stolen from shops. Even through her hard life, she tries to make friends, but usually says or does the wrong thing and screws it up. She feels her heart diminishes each time she loses one of her chances at friendship.

Rped by: The loony tune

                                               Justice Abbey

Justice Abbey is a demigod on the run that's a daughter of Boreas,god of the North winds. Since her father isn't really a well-known god,she of course wouldn't find a cabin for her at Camp Omega and she refuses to live in the Hermes cabin. Since Justice is a daughter of Boreas, she has exeptional powers that involve, ice, flying, snow and cold. For a 16 year old,Justice is a very powerful, and wise demigod. Justice likes to have a quick chat with fellow demigods on the run but like I said,she likes to have a QUICK chat since she's running for her life most of the time. Her only travel partner is her bond storm spirit, Bazuka. Justice's weapon of choice are her powers and her silver sword.

                                                                                                                                 Rped by:  alex aka silverbrook


Leah is a sweet but dangerous girl at the age of 16. She has brown hair that is usually down or in a braid. She usually wears a -shirt and dark capri pants with a pair of boots. She is quiet but amazing with a bow and arrow or a sword. She lives in a cave not far from camp. She has a Pegasus named Pulchra. Pulchra ran away and Leah is still trying to find her.

Hunters of Artemis

The Hunters of Artemis are maidens that may be human, demigod, or nymph. Each hunter has sworn loyalty to the virgin goddess Artemis, to join her in the hunt and reject men for the rest of their lives. They are gifted with excellent ranged capabilities and hunting skills, and possess eternal youth (immortality as long as they don't die in battle or break their vows of rejecting boys) and immensely enjoy hunting at Artemis' side. They hunt monsters, and whatever else they see fit. They are her maidservants, her companions, and her sisters in arms. They are however, sworn to be a Hunter forever and to be an eternal maiden.

Lieutenant: Lizzie Cassiva

Lizzie is Artemis' luetendent. She scorns boys and hates them with all her might. She has 2 dogs, a gold one and a silver one. Her bow is litteraly made of silver, same with her arrows. She has a dagger hand made by Poseidon as gift, it even has an extention to become a sword. Lizzie loves her sister Emily and it was hard to leave her. Lizzie is normally found at Artemis' side. Lizzie is glad she chose to leave Camp Omega and become a hunter, and since her sister also left, she sees her more often.
 RPed by: Ampha

Sky Wilde

Sky is a 15 year old member of the hunters of Artemis. She has thick black hair and storm grey eyes with a slender figure that makes her fast and light on her feet. She is not really smart but is wise and what I mean by that is that she is more tapped into the battle strategy side of her mother’s powers. Other than that she is pretty normal except for the fact that she isn't too trusting of ANYONE so if you gain her trust consider yourself lucky and if you break it... well I hope your cool with meeting Hades. She has no crush or boyfriend. She fights with a black (Celestial Bronze of chorse) bladed dagger called σκιά or shade that is charmed to catch on fire at Sky's command.

RPed by: Sky Wilde


There are many creatures living in the woods around Camp Omega, including wood nymphs, tree nymphs, monsters, satyrs, and much more. You can role play as some of them if you want.


If you want to create a monster and need help, here is a list of monsters that you can role play as:



Phobia is a hellhound and romes free untill called by eather Gage or Gage's twin Koda. He is very protective of Koda and Gage as he was given to then by there mother Nemisis and he is very agressive. He looks like a normal hellhound but he just so happens to have two heads.
RPed by: Sky Wilde


Azazel is the scary-looking but loving hell-hound of Shay Anubis. This cute (at least to Shay) hell-hound looks like the most dangerous animal in the world, and can be. If you hurt Shay. Azazel is fiercely loyal to Shay, but if you're one of Shay's friends, he will just love ya! Infact, many people like Azazel as a playmate, even though he has paws flaming with deadly greek fire and dangerously sharp canine teeth that can rip off your head in a second. Azazel is very important to Shay, and is his companion on Shay's wild adventures outside of camp.

RPed by: Willow Cresta



Khalid is Eleanor's pet basilisk. She hates the term pet though and prefers to call him her companion. She stole him from his mother when he was still in his egg, and has taken him with her ever since. Khalid only obeys her sometimes, being very stuborn, but if something threatens Nellie he will gladly defend her. He is about the size of a small dog and likes to rap himself around Nellie's neck when they travel.


 RPed by: Nicolette

Giant lions


Winchester is a huge white lion with 3 heads, that sometimes retracts into just one head. He has huge white feathered wings that let him fly to amazing heights. He can breath fire so hot it can melt the toughest metals know to mortals. His only weakness is water but other then that he's almost indestructable. He just o happens to be lactose intolerant. His three owners are Tia, Gage and Koda whom is is very loyal to. He is very kind and loyal, but can also be a worse killing machine than Gage when angered.


Rped by: Nicolette , Sky Wilde  and  Caine


The pegasi are kept in the stables, and every camper knows how to ride one.


Horus is a pegaus at camp omega. He is a sleek night black horse with raven black mane, tail, eyes, and large powerful black wings. He is very loyal. compationate and he will do anything to help his caretaker, Sky, in her quests and just about anything else.

RPed by: Sky Wilde


Mister is a tough dark brown pegasus who can be a bit of a show-off. He's lived at Camp Omega ever since he was a born and he doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon. He is very protective of the demi-gods who ride him and loves to fly at night and when it rains. If you could understand what he says you'd notice quickly that he is very sarcastic but it still fairly friendly.


RPed by: Nicolette


Feferi is a shy pegasus who loves to fly. She doesn't like to take risks and she has a huge fear of the dragons that live at Camp Omega. She loves sugarcubes and feels very protective over the younger demi-gods.


 RPed by: Nicolette


Makarios is Aurora Hawk's pegusus. He is off-white and has bright green eyes. He's loyal, stuck to Aurora, and wicked fast. Makarios, also called Arios, was found by Aurora when he was captured. He is addicted to caramel covered in sugar.

RPed by: Agatha 


Kenta is a cream pegasus with black eyes and is loyal to River. She is shy and skittish but is a great flyer. She is a free spirit and she will fly around the world untill called by River then she'll come as fast as she can.


 RPed by: Sky Wilde


Pulchra is a beautiful white pegasus. Her name is latin for beauty. She was named this by her owner Leah.

Rped by: Tabitha.jade 


Phoenix is a loyal pegasus to the three triplets, April, Aria, and Austin. He is dark red, and his wings are orange at the tips, with large black eyes. His will let just about anyone ride him, though if his owners need help and your on his back, well let's just hope your flying above a big pile of pillows.

Rped by: The loony tune


Bazuka has an unbreakable bond with Justice,a demigod on the run. Bazuka is a north wind storm spirit and sis bonded with his princess Justice. Bazuka loves to talk to her and since Justice is a daughter of Boreas,she can understand what north wind storm spirits are saying. Bazuka travels with Justice and they watch each others backs like siblings. (Picture would be correct if Jason weren't on Tempust,lol :))                                                                                                    rped by: alex aka silverbrook


Daffodil is bonded with Ashley,daughter of Aphrodite. Daffodil sleeps in the pegasus stables but when Ashley needs help,she'll kick open the door and fly to her quickly. She is a yellow and white pegasus with carmel brown eyes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          rped by: alex aka silverbrook


Majenta is a beautiful and graceful light purple pegasuss,the edges of her wings the color of the rainbow. She was given to Rosie by Rosie's mom Iris and is bonded with Rosie and will do anything to protect her.   rped by: alex aka silverbrook


Loire is a deep blue pegasus who is bonded to Kayla, daughter of Poseidon. The pegasus was given to Kayla from Poseidon himself and she has stuck by Kayla ever since. She is totally addicted to caramel covered sugar cubes.  

                                                                                                                       rped by: alex aka silverbrook



Maple is, obviously, a forest nymph who's original form is a maple tree. She is very shy, and doesn't really like talking to people. if you're lucky, she'll start talking, but is very soft spoken and doesn't utter many words. She has golden brown hair and miniature maple leaves framing her face, as well as warm amber eyes. Maple adores animals, and if you hurt any kind of animal, she will hurt you a million times more badly. Those are the only times she shows her violent side, and sometimes, when she's way too shy to even be seen, she turns into a maple tree and blends into the forest around Camp Omega. Maple likes to swim a lot, even though she's not a water nymph, and it calms her after a close encounter with another person. This nymph has a very petite form, with slender legs and a pretty short height. Maple is a very quiet nymph, and most can't get her to open up.

RPed by: Willow Cresta


Breeze is a free nymph. She tends to watch Camp Omega with curiosity. Normally she's gentle, just don't disturb her, or you'll end up with a tornado problem. She's somehow both cloud and wind nymph, which is a bit strange.

Rped by: AMpha


Easily excited May the water Nymph is very spunky and energetic. She loves to hang out with the demigods and would prefer to be with them, to her own species, though she loves to be in the water, all the same. She likes to ask questions, and sometimes she gets annoying but she means well. Her pitch black hair goes just below her shoulders and she has milky blue eyes. Her skin is silver with tints of blue, and some scales here and there.

Rped by: The loony tune


Ember is a reserved and unique fire nymph. She is quite at times and she is very quick tempered and suspicious of other people. She has curly red hair and pale white skin and she usually has flames around her. Ember's eyes are black and she often keeps to herself. She doesn't get along with many other nymphs since fire destroys trees and nature and water and wind can put out fire. She is tall and willowy and likes to hang around Camp Omega because she finds demi-gods interesting. 

RPed by:  Caine